Friday, September 24, 2010

After September's Equinox

I take in my rosemary from the garden and mourn the summer with some delight at the turning of the leaves.
Standing Nude by Guy Rose

I can’t remember your face
Not your soft lips
Or the warm brown of your eyes
Or your smile
The one that made me greedy to kiss you
But that’s alright for who need to remember what haunts
You are necessary friend
As artery to heart
My love my care


  1. My favourite time of year begins when the nights start to get chilly and ends with the trees losing all their leaves.

    I loved your poem!

  2. I felt a bit sorry for you, because you've normally got about 60 comments on your posts, so I thought I would add this one. Everyone must be on holiday? Maybe you are on holiday, and there is a back-log of unapproved comments? I can't remember if they are monitored or not. Anyway, nice arse.