Thursday, September 9, 2010

A familiar sadness

Still, when all was said and done nothing more than our exceptions were shattered.
And even so it becomes more difficult with each failed marriage of dear friends once thought solid to write romance and not believe myself a snake oil salesman. The fact is I'm usually too much of a romantic to ever be truly jaded by the ruins of other peoples marriages and still this one caught me by surprise for they were for my set the ideal.
The Conservatory by Édouard Manet

They were married seventeen years and were brilliant friends.  Though, I had not been as thrown as dear sweet Eli who wept bitter tears and now vows bachelorhood until death I did consider taken a few volumes from a three year old bottle I found in my cabinet. They told us together and had been patient with our invasive questions. I realize now that they had been calm from the retelling while we had reeled with raw emotion for they had already gone through the exercise with their children and individual families.

We will adjust, I suppose thought I suspect this one will take us quite a bit of time.
My love my care 


  1. After reading this story me eyes become wet, such a true love story.

    Romantic letters

  2. Hello,dearest Simone!

    I like to read all you posts and you stories,and these one also tuched me...

    I am impressed about these painting,like them very much!

    My hugs and Love to you,