Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Moving my sister back to school

I miss her already but I'm happy she is settled.

A Winding Stream in Summer by Peder Mork Mønsted

I spent the last five days helping my sister move in to her first flat and it was quite a move too, from Toronto to Montréal. She is glad to be living off campus and I'm jealous of her oh so romantic city. I hope to visit at least once before the year is out.
A lovely week to all,


  1. You are back,dear Simone!I am happy to reading again you stories and look at great,romantic paintings...

    Wish you calming First september week,


  2. First flat! How exciting! Best wishes to you and your sis.

  3. Lovely picture. Everything I wish my summer days had been.

  4. Welcome back Simone! How fun to help your sister move into a new exciting adventure in her life. I'm sure she will have much to share with you. No doubt this trip has stirred some thoughts in your mind and to your writer's pen (er, or keyboard) and we look forward to reading more of your romantic passionate sagas.

  5. Dammit. Violetta's at it again. She writes with the most delicious accent. Quiver... Quiver!

  6. Yes Montréal is a beautiful city. People should visit this at-least once in there life. thanks