Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'd love to call for dinner in this warm kitchen

My gardan is preparing for its winters sleep so naturally, I’m a little heartbroken but only a tad for it has brought me such joy and will return once again in the spring.
So now it is back to the business of writing and the more serious pursuit of wealth or is that fortune.

Glow by Daniel Gerhartz

I am the silly mortal who fell for the summer star
Only it turned out to be no more than a firefly and though the poor dear is more attainable
It seems I was more in love with the idea rather than the source of the light
For here I’ve caught a dozen in a jar to illuminate and entertain
All my love,


  1. Wonderful post. The painting makes me think of a warm, cozy kitchen with delicious smells.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. This painting reminds me of my mother. She loves to cook.

  3. Such a warm, cozy kitchen - perfect for the coming fall :)

  4. how cute! you are right, it would be lovely to have diner there!
    wish you a sweet week,

  5. I'm sure a dinner in this kitchen would be both romantic and delectable!