Tuesday, May 18, 2010

All things bright and bright and beautiful.

My love in a sort of anti-ode to my favorite van Dyck.

Anthony van Dyck's Frans Snyders


Let us be strangers again as we were in the spring of it all

When it had all been reconnaissance and sweet discovery

Long before the painful dissection turn brutal warfare

Let us talk until our voices go as we did in April

When your every sigh fascinated

Long before we bore with predictable chit-chat

Let us make love with the heady impatient want

When it was about not getting enough of each other

Long before we had thoughts to make sex a part of our to-dos for the week

Let us start over without memory of our failure

When promise was all we had

Long before I disappointed and you let me

All my love,


  1. "Let us start over without memory of our failure"

    What a poignant sentiment, and so true, I think, of all relationships at some point or another.


  2. There's a touch of the Valasquez in that picture, eh?

  3. My goodness Simone, this is rather glum. And, Tom, when I first looked, the hands reminded me very much of El Greco.

    Greetings from warm and sunny France, Cro.

  4. p.s. In fact he looks as if he ought to have sat for El Greco!

  5. The gentleman in the painting looks like he's about to say something utterly scathing. :-)

    Loved your words!

  6. Very nice! Have a happy week.

  7. just stopping by to wish you a happy weekend!

    hugs to you Simone, xo