Sunday, May 16, 2010

As useful as advice from Cosmo

I wrote this after overhearing a woman on the train telling her friend to settle, ‘You are 40,’ she said as if her friend had an awful disease. It made me very sad for the poor dear.
Wang Weidong's Still Life with Silk

Good Intention

I vexed wrath with my bounty moving her swiftly to violence for I was excessive in my want for rapture
Plying discord with my woe, putting her to blush until she was forced to demand my tears
Ingratiating myself on fury begging of her courage to storm the castle and rescue the prince
Only pity would lend me an ear but in the end she would only encourage me to settle for the pleasant frog

I wish you all the blessing of wise friends.


  1. I wish I was young enough to have that 'awful disease'.

    Bisou, Cro.

  2. I've known a couple of women who lived their lives as they wished. Even though they remained unattached, they were far happier than many women who "settled".

  3. No way, being single and happy is not a disease! I am single and chaste and plan to NEVER date again and have not in 5 years. I am satisfied and NEVER desire a mate. I am one of the few in the USA that is not depressed or overweight, and/or on antidepressants so I am doing something right.

  4. that's a swell blessing, simone. thanks. :]

  5. Although I am a novelist and hopeless romantic, I think it is a shame that society (especially literature) continues to perpetuate the myth that one can only find true bliss and contentment in the arms of their soul mate, married, for all eternity.

    As I look back on my life, I realize I spent my early twenties frantically looking for love, for my "other half" when I should have slowed down and looked inside myself for the other half.

    I wonder if many have made that mistake.

    You can, of course, be happily wed. But happy and wed do not have to go hand in hand...

  6. Sorry for the second post but I just remembered something...I posted a new blog entry this weekend about Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun, one of the greatest portrait artists of the 18th century if not ever. She was wed and quite unhappily. Her husband squandered her fortune and their only child treated her callously. One should imagine she was able to be so productive and prolific because of her matrimonial and maternal disatisfaction.

  7. I don't understand why some people believe everyone should live their lives the same way! Where would be the fun in that?

  8. Forty is a most perfect age--not young, not old--a handsome age. I haven't arrived, yet, but will in a few years. I can't wait!

  9. oh! i meant to tell you, too...i wish you had a button. every week, at the top of my sidebar, i spotlight three blogs. i would love to put yours in pick three, but i would need a button for that. :[

  10. Ah . . . I look back at forty and think how young it is. Let us celebrate all that is good. JOY knows naught of age or marital status.