Monday, May 31, 2010

Let me justify my want

It is no different from yours.

Vladimir Kezerashvili's Canal in Bruges

I'm not greedy just wantful

I want holiday in an undiscovered land so I may flaunt my superiority in front of my trendy, vapid friends.

I want fortune great enough to still allow me access to a normal life and fame enough to allow me the best table at the trendiest spots.

I want well-behaved children, with nigh genius intellect.

I want passion that is likened to rapture and for that passion to be with no one less than a Brad Pitt look-alike.

I want to be youthful, with a flawless figure and perfect skin until the day of my death at 101.

I want to turn out a better pie than Martha Stewart.

If I can't have all of that, I insist on having a lotto jackpot for no less than ten million.

Oh and St Bartelemy in the spring and Bruges in Autumn

Kezerashvili's Alley in Bruges

All I want is to be happy as fortune allows... that and true love.

My love my care,


  1. My dear Simone, you'd be bored to death if you had all that. Just accept HALF, then you'd still have something to strive for!

    Bisou, Cro.

  2. We share some of the same wants. But I'd be more than happy if I had just two of these things.

    By the way, the moment I saw the first paiting, I thought "that looks familiar!" But now I see that it is Bruges, Belgium, which is one of my favorite cities to visit for a day-trip. It's really as beautiful as in the paintings!

    Have a lovely week Simone!

  3. You need a week in Alaska. It will cure your ills. You have a place to stay. My children, by the way, are well behaved geniuses. They will doubtless adopt you as Aunt Simone.

  4. I know someone who wanted a ride in a helicopter. He got his wish the same day after crashing his car and being flown to an emergency hospital in an air-ambulance.

  5. Love your last line! It says it all :)

  6. Seems perfectly reasonable to me! There's great comfort and enjoymentin dreaming.

  7. ah, wanting, it never ends, and it aways begins again and again and again. Thank you for reminding us to enjoy our beautiful lives as they are, but also to enjoy the fantasy of desire for more.

  8. The past couple of weeks, you sound so forlorn, I wish you well and hope you feel better soon.

  9. not greedy but wantful...

    I like that.

  10. Cool post, Simone. Everybody wants, everybody craves. We all want forever happiness, forever riches, to not have a care in the world, but it is only an ideal...and quite boring really. If you have everything you ever wanted, what's next? So, I agree with Cro Magnon. May your wishes be fulfilled, but allow some to stay just that, wishes. Write on!