Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So much more than holiday

Here I've found an ideal place now let you and I go there for a spell.

A Riverside Cottage Louis Aston Knight

Only let’s promise to bring no worries, memories of the way back or want for return.
We will make love in the sun by rushing brook and eat fruit from the tree.
It won’t be holiday it will be pure madness
Me, you and silence with our bodies completely at rest

My love, my care,


  1. I want a riverside cottage now :)

  2. Totally rust end enjoy...

    The atmosphere is special for:-)*
    Thank you,dear Simone for share this Heavenly place with me...

    My Love and warmly hugs for you,

  3. I wonder if it existed. Probably not. Much too idealistic to be real. It's the cottage of our dreams.

    Bisou, Cro.

  4. If it exists now, you will never be able to insure it against flood damage in Britain.

  5. im so flying to this place with my lover! :)))


  6. I recall cottages like that. They had no running water, no electricity or phone but they did have mice in the thatch, damp walls and outside earth closet.

  7. A cottage like that belongs in a land of eternal summer. :-)