Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Allow me to present Patricia Watwood a modern master

She is a truly talented painter and her work makes me rhapsodize.

Patricia Watwood Psyche's Doubt painted in 2004

So I may feel your want

Take my hand and let me know how much you want me.
Whisper in my ear a wicked request.
Run your hand up my skirt and lay claim to your want.
Bit my lips for kisses are no longer enough.
Take me in hand, as one does the neglected for it is the only way to show me how much.
Lick the sole of my feet and hold my eyes until I remember why I can never say no to you.
Put your hands on me.
Remind me with touch what it is like to be held by you.

Music and Poetry by Patricia Watwood

Seek her out for she is worth knowing.

All my love and care,



  1. I love these paintings. Patricia truly is a modern master! Your words accompanying them flowed from one painting to the next.

  2. Those are really beautiful. I love female nudes. Olympia makes me swoon. It's amazing how natural and at the same time revolutionary it is to have a guy in that picture too. I'll have to look into her.

  3. I love the images you've chosen here, Simone. But I love your words even more. And yes, I see what you're talking about! ;-) You see, spring is in the air, and with spring, come inevitable thoughts of love and lust and sweet surrender. There is a spring muse that is going around, and I see she has tagged you, as well. And she has tagged you most savagely! It's so good to be reading you again, Simone. Write more... :-)


  4. Wow! Incredible paintings!

  5. Striking portraits. I've never seen anything like them. And, of course, what beautiful words.

  6. its all in sinc and I love every bit of it...

    every bit....


  7. Lovely - you find such beautiful images, Simone :)

  8. The LOVE and the Spring inthe air...
    Dear Simone!-)*

    Indeed,these paintings are gorgeous!
    I like you beautiful words,my dear friend vrey much!!!

    With all my love and blessings,


  9. Simone,
    Thanks for introducing me to this artist. As always, lovely words to accompany the art. Rita

  10. I keep coming back to this post to see what Cro the Painter has to say, but he is being uncharacteristically quiet on the subject. I can hear the silence through his gritted teeth.