Thursday, March 11, 2010

Someone who is quick to laugh

I had a late supper with a few of my girl friends late last night. Talk eventually turned to relationships and now I'm left to wonder...

Patrick Devonas' Ein Wanderers Nachtlied

Can a comfortable silence pass for love?

For I’ve seen it you know, a couple at dinner for two hours and not bothering to make conversation above the polite. No laughter. No flirting. Not even a bitter stare or sad longing.

Just civility.

I don't remember how it came to be a point of conversation but we all thought it a strange sort of thing to love one who detests tendre sentiment and even stranger still to do so for you fit well into the hollows of their body when you lay as spoons on the sofa to watch foreign films they interprets in an entirely different light than you.

Then we had cake and old boyfriends were dragged over hot coal. The one from my pass that was roasted had been a lover who felt everything keenly, as sun magnified through glass. He was forever burning with some emotion. When we parted he in some grand passion had stated fervently his distaste for what he called my ‘tidy rationale and tasteful decadence.’ I didn’t think his words fit me and told him so in something I’m guessing was calm logic for he flew off the handle as if I'd done so to deliberately provoke.

These days I tend to go for men who are quick to laugh.

We had too much red wine and were all done in today... so a good time was had by all.

Love and care,


  1. Wise choice (the 'quick to laugh' one) I think, Simone, though I have had girlfriends in the past who I have laughed with so much, that we couldn't take anything seriously. I wonder if it helps to find sex utterly ridiculous at the time? Maybe in the long-term.

  2. Aloha Lovely Simone,
    So happy to hear you had a wonderful time with friends...hoping you enjoy your weekend.
    I think love is in many all depends on ones love language...have your read the 5 love languages?

  3. Have an inspiring weekend !!!


  4. Love you post,my dear romantic friend Simone!-)*

    Have a joyful,brightnessful weekend,

    With love and hugs,


  5. I love to hear about relationships, bad or fab. What's better than talking about men and eating cake? Sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. Quick to laugh is a hugely important quality in a person! Life is full of enough serious stuff - you have to laugh as often as you can :)

  7. Hi Simone,
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend. A lovely little post as always

  8. I can't imagine that couple that doesn't talk. Why bother being a couple? And laughter is in the top three of most important connections to have with one's best friend.

  9. Men who laugh are important, and I am somewhat of a comedienne. But men who habitually laugh during sex... no go for me, I am afraid. Give me red-hot passion punctuated by the occasional giggle when someone gets cramp due to an over-adventurous position (if there is such a thing as an over-adventurous position...)

  10. Dear my fave urban gardener,

    you know, you cheered me up with your encouraging words. i thank you so very much, i havent been feeling well lately but only people like you can keep me drawing and sharing my imagination.

    wishing you a lovely weekend.

    much love,

  11. I don't think a couple needs to fill a silence with idle chatter to express their love for each other.

    Glad you had such an enjoyable evening with your friends. :-)

  12. When I'm working on my novel silence is golden. However, when I'm out with hubby I enjoy a few laughs and some interesting conversation. Life is short, sometimes you gotta let loose. Glad you enjoyed a good time with friends.

  13. After more years of marriage than I care to reveal, it's the laughter and the enjoyment of a chance to talk without interruption ( or cellphone calls) over a candlelit dinner that keeps our relationship bond refreshing and true. And we never run out of things to talk about!

  14. A sublime post here. nicely done. Again, another gorgeous painting. Why do you like this one?

  15. The sweet canticle of fruit and genuine laughter is a perfect companion to her glistened eyes and warm conversation.

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