Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Words and a Painting

I've always felt it so...

Mikhail Nesterov Portrait of Pavel Korin

You are a live wire without end, coiled tight around me to suffocate. I’m kept alive because of the violent electrical charge. I conduct well your energy for I've been made wet with anticipation of the agonizingly slow melting of nerves. I laugh at the conduit that would protect me against a sudden jolt, for your only desire is to burn me. Mark me as your own. I struggle against it for fear I’ll be consumed. I pray you’ll be consoled by my want until it matches your desire.
A lovely week to you all,


  1. Yikes! That's pretty powerful stuff, Simone!

  2. I'm consumed already, Simone - in fact, I was extinguished a while ago.

    A lovely week to you too, lovely woman.

  3. Hello, dear Simone! Did you think that I had forgotten you? Not a chance of that. Now that the Winter Games are over, and Canada has spanked the world and sent us all home, I am back to my normal pursuits. No, not speedskating pursuits...just pursuits!



  4. Simone,
    Beautiful words and image. I have rarely seen a portrait of a man that intrigued me, but this one does. Rita

  5. Simone ~ what powerful words and captivating image. I am getting ready for a two month long show and do not have much time to visit my friends. You are not forgotten and I just wanted to say a quick hello!

  6. Always enchanting words and a beautiful painting. May the day bring you much happiness.

  7. Electric stuff, Simone.

    Men never know if other men are 'good looking' or 'handsome' (we don't think like that), but the young man in the portrait certainly comes under one or other of the classifications.

    Bisou, Cro.

  8. Bonjour Simone!

    Powerful words and a captivating portrait. Handsome he is.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  9. That guy looks like someone..the actor from Firefly perhaps, hm.

  10. My dear Simone!-)*

    Just think to day about you and I see you post again...and as always,impresful post!
    I wish you fabulous,nice week,my dear friend!-)*

    Many love and blessings,


  11. I like the way he purses his lips. Stunning, as always!