Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Everything I know About Art I learned In High School

For this reason I support art in schools

This too was written in my high shool by Jennifer Blazina. It is to me a most brilliant piece and I never forgot it. I often wonder if she still writes.
I saw your face just once.
Only once did I feel the warmth of your smile.
Then it disappeared in sorrow.
I heard your voice just once.
Only once did I hear you call my name
But the echoes soon ceased.
I felt the rain, but just for a moment
Before it mixed with my salty tears.
And I watched you walk away,
Turning your head back, but only once.
A brilliant day to each of you.
All my love and care,


  1. That is sad, yet beautiful.
    I hope you re having a lovely week Simone

  2. so true beauty in such a sad way....

  3. Hi Simone, I see that your wonderful blog is going from strength to strength . . tell me, how are things going on the publishing front, any good news as yet?

    That is one sad but strong poem, really very beautiful :-)

    Well I've started another blog, I hope you won't mind me putting my link here for you to take a look. Whereas my '1yogi2many' blog is quite specific, the new one entitled 'the fruit of life' is more generic. It covers wider ground and is generally a more humorous look at life, but with lots of tips for living etc. If you fancy a look come over to my place, ha, ha :-)

    I hope you'll join in the fun! By for now Simone,


  4. Hello,my dear Simone!-)*

    These painting is SO great...these yong lady have beautiful delicate hands,so elegant and her eays are not happy...

    And these poetry words tuched me,my sear friend!

    Wish you blessed spring days,Simone

    Much Love,


  5. That's a beautiful painting selection.

    And the poem marries it so beautifully... :-)

    Wishing you a lovely evening, Simone.


  6. It's a shame to think that with the economic problems facing so many cities that art will probably be the first on the chopping block.

  7. Eloquent & sad. It only takes one person to change a person's life. I've heard of several who believe that person is a high school art or music teacher. Awesome!

  8. That poem was beautiful Simone, and the painting fits it so well.

    I also support art in schools, as well as music. If the middle grade school our daughter went to hadn't supported a music program, we'd have never discovered what a talented musician we had.

  9. Simone, I do hope you told your friend Jennifer what you thought of her poem. She would be so flattered.

    Bisou, Cro.

  10. Aloha my elegant friend,
    strolling through your blog are such sweet treasured moments for me. I wonder how my life would be different had I enjoyed school at a deeper level? or noticed others and their talents as you have?
    It is a sweet sentiment to acknowledge those who have touched your life.....I will ponder this more...hmmmm? you never cease to inspire me,
    Thank you dear friend
    all my Aloha Love

  11. Beautiful poem, I hope your friend is still writing.

  12. I agree..The importance of art classes in HS is invaluable!

  13. you've some interest art posted, simone. thanks for sharing those pieces you appreciate with the rest of the class.

  14. what a lovely and unusual blog. followed!

    Best, Kim

  15. That's a beautiful poem. I hope the poet still writes.

    I wish schools had a greater focus on art. Now it's all about test-taking and cutting programs.