Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Lapse in Judgement

Or a funny sort of Thursday.
Francesco Hayez's Odalisque

Sanity was replaced with the touch of complete satisfaction.
Now hours after the bliss in the promising dawn you cling like second skin.
Lust takes on the form of gratification and even in sleep the after glow is memorized by your sentimental heart.
I haven't the heart just yet to wake you or to say all that remains of the breathless fulfillment is my regret.
I'm filled with guilt for my usual self-control stood idly by while you abandoned virtue.
I let you sleep.

We have arrive at the end of the week.
My love, my care,


  1. First I pictured a man thinking this and then a woman. It works either way, but meant different things to me.

  2. The line "you cling like second skin" is very evocative.

  3. then i'll be sleeping.
    trying, always trying to disappear.


  4. A little sad, methinks. Why should she regret?

    Bisou, Cro.

  5. Very lovely, I hope he does not regret too long

  6. I've had similar regrets myself in the past (usually after a night in the pub), but have never expressed them quite so poetically as this.

  7. I like you post,my dear Simone,thankyou for all you kind words,
    And have a lovely,nice weekend!-)*

    Many love and blessings,


  8. So pretty. And kind of sad. I like it!