Monday, March 8, 2010

For Mondays Can Be Ever So Contentious

I give you…

Alfred Steven’s the bath.
And Bliss Naturally

A calm gaze that peers from an ocean of blue is the source of her torment.
His skin is the texture of bliss.
With lips that taste of joy.
She closes her eyes and sees no more than his blazing copper skin and those strong warm hands.
His sent lingers in pillows, sheets, his discarded garments and her flesh.
There was nothing else for it but to take a bath and wash him away.
A blissful week to all.
My love, my care,


  1. Do you think the 'swan-neck' tap has any deliberate connotations of Leda, Simone?

  2. And is that a clock that I spy in the soap bowl?

  3. A tight marriage of art and verse.

    You had me scanning the web for more of his art and ADMIRING THE PORTRAIT from 1879 is another sharp piece.

  4. I wouldn't want to wash him away! Wonderful Monday to you, Simone!

  5. Oooohhh i sooooo want to do this tonite.
    im gonna relax and get some peace...


  6. Have a wonderful week,dear SImone!!!-)*

    Gorgeous painting about beautiful woman!
    Thank you,my dear friend!-)))

    Love and blessings,


  7. That is lovely as always, I wonder what happens next

  8. This is one of those mondays. Ah, I needed this today. Thank you!

  9. Delicious words. Thanks Simone!

  10. My my, I like. I have to ask, did you write your words then find a painting? Or, did the painting inspire the words?

  11. I love the line: "His skin is the texture of bliss". Beautiful!

  12. I just love words. They really make such an impact in our lives!

    Have a beautiful day!

  13. My thanks to you all for your constant support.
    Now for the questions.
    Tom, I don't know it was Leda inspired for Alfred truth to tell was more a painter of pretty girls that of classical subject matter but I suppose it is possible.

    Cro, Clock, yes it is. Alfred's whimsy I suppose.

    Christopher, for this one it was seeing the painting on a postcard sent to me by my sentimental sister. She knows I love the painting and that I've been feel out of sort. It as meant to make me smile.

    Warm regards to all,