Friday, March 26, 2010

The Eroticism of Decency

Or a love void of ego but not dripping in self-sacrifice

Andrea del Sarto's Saint John the Baptist

Yet another one of my writing ideas that went nowhere.

It was meant to be about how much one experiences light and laughter when in company with another. A sort of excellent love without the parasitic hold but then it did not make for a very good romance novel. For as it turns out a romantic story needs the high drama of longing, the anxious tension that pulls at heart and a measure of madness that drives desire.

Here is why I feel it did not work, decency is one dimensional and for a novel to be compelling or simply readable there needs to be layers of complex human traits and experiences.

So in this my private ambitions is superseeded by my lack of foresight and the romantic ideal set in place by those long published.

It is spring and the weekend so I'm grateful.
My very best to each of you,


  1. Hi! What an incredibly beautiful blog! Thanks for the follow. I'm adding you to my blogroll.


  2. Blimey - I'm still trying to work out if the animal is alive or not, and - if so - what it is, and what it's teeth are latched on to! Food for thought, indeed.

  3. No, Simone, YOU are the most inspiring ladies of my acquaintance.

    wishing you a lovely weekend.
    thank you for stopping by the other day.


  4. Lovely idea, but yes a novel needs tension, drama, longing and all that

  5. Characters must be complex to be interesting - that way they're more like us :)

  6. I wish a novel didn't need all those things to be widely accepted. SOmetimes I wish everyone would just enjoy the company of other people without any prejudice or negative feelings, just for fun and laughter.
    You really write the most inspiring posts. :)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  7. It could still happen and you could still do it. :)

  8. Your posts have such beautiful poetry to them, I would love to read your story!